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Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving is the Worst?

Over the course of the past few weeks, I thought moving might take over Moms as things that are the worst. One quick glance at Facebook and I was wrong...Moms still are indeed the worst.

One of the best exchanges in 30 Rock is when Jenna is trying to explain to Kenneth how to brag about oneself without being obvious...a back-handed compliment. For example, it's hard for her to watch American Idol, because she has perfect pitch.

I know that technically that Zuckerburg (Zuckerberg? Zukerberg?) guy is the inventor of Facebook, but I think Jenna may have had a hand in it too...it is a bona fide breading ground for back-handed compliments. Though nobody had to teach that to Moms...I think the bitch-switch must be located near the vaginal opening and is flipped as the baby slides out. Scientists are still looking for the C-Section one.

The most egregious one I found is a Mom who posted that she is SO FRUSTRATED because her 18 month knows all of his letters and sounds except for "I." He points to his eye instead.

Notice how the subject interjects three things her kid can do that presumably yours cannot or did not do at such an age: letter awareness, phonemic awareness, and knowledge of body parts. Of course it's all wrapped up in a neat little "whoa is me" sort of package.

Speaking of packages, I think I'd rather move again than have a play-date with this one. Blech.