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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Parade

This is not, I repeat, NOT one of those rants that begins with "Back in my day..."

But it's so hard to start otherwise. So, with reservations, back in my day, my parents did not come to every single event of my life while I was in school. While I had loving, involved parents, they did not come to my 3rd grade Fun Run, nor did they attend any classroom Valentine celebration.

This is not to say that every good thing in the world happened in the past, i.e. "Back in my day, Daddy'd take off his belt to shut us up." I cannot stress enough that this blog does not tackle actual issues. It does, however, beg the question: When did parents decide it was healthy to assume their school-age kids cannot function without them?

I've heard of helicopter parents, though I, perhaps incorrectly, associated them only with hovering over this week's algebra assignment. I've been employed by an elementary school (I love being vague) for over five years, and yet I never cease to marvel at the packed parking lots and jammed streets during...an Easter parade in which seven-year-olds walk around one floor of the school for two minutes wearing paper plate bonnets and cut-out ties? I even saw one mom break out the professional grade Nikon lens for this life altering event. Of course, I'm all for capturing precious memories for your kids, but do your kids' memories always have to include you?

Pop Quiz:

Is it an absolute requirement to attend the following event under penalty of childhood trauma?

1. Every single soccer game ages birth-23

2. Grammar school Halloween parties

3. Away track meets

4. Wedding

5. Any relay involving a spoon

There's only one "yes." If you're not sure of the answer, call your mother.

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