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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Registry Wednesday

I have a sickness. If you have the slightest air of pregnancy about you, and I know the first two letters of your first and last name, I'm going to look up your gift registry. I wish it was so I could buy you a gift, but it's mostly to see if you registered for something completely ridiculous (this coming from someone who registered for, but thankfully did not receive, a baby food warmer).

This week's feature is the Beaba Babycook BPA Free Baby Food Maker.


So this got good reviews on Babies R Us, but you'll never change my mind on the following beliefs:

1. This is the baby shower equivalent to the bread maker: expensive, sounds like a good idea going in, pisses you off so much that one day, you go Gerber and never go back.

2. I don' t know what a "Beaba" is, but if a product has a vaguely European sounding name,

it sends a certain breed of mom scrambling to her Passat wagon to pay ungodly

sums for something a pot on the stove can do.

Raising children is literally the oldest trick in the book. Exactly zero people need this product.

* * *

Reading this post back, I sound a little....what's the word....bitter? Stand-off-ish? Bitchy? Most likely hypocritical, as someone who enjoys a flushing toilet as much as the next. I don't live off the grid in a cabin made of hand-stretched squirrel carcasses...I just don't understand when it happened that becoming a parent is equivalent to deep sea diving, requiring a bunch of crazy equipment.

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  1. A, I hope you have fun with this. I know I will enjoy reading it!