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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Registry Wednesday

One of the strangest things I hear from expectant mothers is "I can't wait for my body to be mine again." While this flies in the face of basic pregnancy expectations we all should have before embarking on such a state, this mindset can lead to a goldmine for the brilliant minds of the Upspring Company. Yes, yes, THE Upspring Company, who brought us "Shrinkx Hips."

I'm admittedly quick to judge this item, but I have two strong reasons to do so. First, as sure as "Euro" anything increases the price/desirability of a given product, novelty spelling of a word in your product is a red flag for cheesy-ness. Secondly, it is curiously reminiscent of those vibration belt weight loss machines from the '50's. Surely we can find a better, and less embarrassing way to spend $55.

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