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Sunday, April 3, 2011


It all started with a harmless Facebook comment.

A friend posted a query about the best front-facing car seat for her transitioning daughter. As a freaked out pregnant lady who obsessively scoured Consumer Reports for the perfect registry items, I proudly informed her about several "Best Buys."

Fourteen minutes later, another (non-mutual) friend chimed in that she would only buy a Britax seat for her daughter because, "I can't put a price on the safety of my child," thereby, I suppose, implying that I could.

Look, we all know that the actual moms who are the worst are the ones who lock their children in closets and such. This blog isn't about those moms. This is about that particular breed of mom who uses status, money, and an inflated sense of self-satisfaction to turn motherhood into a sugary game of backhanded insults and smug consumerism.

I hope this blog isn't just a place for me to air my grievances, though that is one of my favorite pastimes. I hope it's a place where moms can come and tell stories, laugh, get support, and maybe help lessen our collective gag reflex when the words "mommy blog" are uttered.

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