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Monday, April 11, 2011

Surely This Has Never Happened Before...

Of course it's always special when it's YOUR baby. It feels like the most amazing thing when YOUR baby walks, talks, rolls over, and shoots through the birth canal. And it is special and amazing. It's just that it's been special and amazing billions and billions of times over.

I have a friend who was recently invited to attend a "gender unveiling" party for an expecting couple. Now before we can properly digest the madness this may entail, I have another friend who went on a "naming retreat" with his spouse. Finally, yet another friend (okay, I'm not claiming this one fully...more of an acquaintance) had a strictly enforced rule that she and her spouse would not reveal the name of their baby until you officially met her. In person.

Which of these practices is most likely to drive your friends and family to secretly resent your child and overtly resent you? Are these even the most irritating displays of self-involved foolishness out there?

As a side note, I cannot speak to the gender of couple #1, as the party has not yet been held. Couple #2 and couple #3 named their children Ellie and Claire, respectively. Earth-shattering enough to warrant retreats and special face-to-face introductions? If you're inclined to say yes, I'm going to go ahead and assume you're in the process of making bunch reservations for your own super special baby unveiling.

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