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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Registry Wednesday: Is this Relaxing?

Summer Infant Soothing Spa and Shower.

Do I really need to go on?

Okay, if I must. Splashing around in the kitchen sink is so very Saturday Evening Post cover page. I guess I understand the spa thing...we want everything to be spa-like. It's the syndrome that makes normally robust, manly men on House Hunters squeal "Double sinks!" every episode. I'm totally kidding. There are no robust, manly men on House Hunters.

Even though I understand the theory behind it, this statement from the product description had me perplexed. "The soothing spa relaxes nervous first-time parents and fussy babies." I'm looking at a picture of the product, and I don't see how the parent can fit into the whirlpool bath, which is the only way I can fathom that the parent would actually relax. It looks like there's some sort of humidifier/Dyson turbo engine attached to it. Oh wait, I'm sorry, according to the instruction page, that is actually the shower. Either way, the shower and spa are battery operated contraptions you put in your tub. Unless this comes with a muscle-bound Swede to massage you while bathing your infant (not pictured), I fail to see how this might relax a "nervous first-time parent."

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